Sqwincher - Packet 50x3grms - Mixed Flavours

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Mixed Flavours: Lemon/Lime, Orange, Mixed Berry, Lemonade, Grape, Cool Citrus.
Sqwincher "ZERO" is a zero carb / zero calorie solution


Sqwincher® has the perfect package, flavour and formulation designed to satisfy the toughest hydration needs.

Considering that it only takes 2% of dehydration to result in up to a 50% decrease in work & mental performance, Sqwincher® electrolyte replenishment is therefore crucial for the prevention of dehydration, heat stress and injury.

Sqwincher® Quik Stiks are a convenient single serve powder sachet for people on the go. Just add one Qwik Stik sachet contents to a 600ml bottle, shake & enjoy.